By Samantha Stanley

Relationships have been changed drastically in the recent years, and social media has a great deal to do with that.

People used to connect through the phone or physical interaction with friends and family. Now we consider “liking” someone’s status to be interaction.

Through social media such as Facebook people can build relationships with each other just as corporations can build relationships with their audience. People like statuses to show they like what the person is saying, the same can be said for a business post. Businesses use posts and pictures to advertise and create an image for themselves just as people do. But they can take it further and promote discounts and sales or promotions.

A promotion can be used to sell a product or get people to interact with the community. For example, sports arenas advertise that any child dressed as a super hero will get in free.

It is not just people interacting with other people, Facebook itself is interacting with other internet sites. How many sites can you go to and how many apps will ask you if you want to sign in with your Facebook or if you would like them, join accounts, etc.? Links connect everything, Facebook connects everything. They Form relationships between people.

The Washburn bookstore has a Facebook and Twitter to let the students know about events and sales they have going on. It also allows the students to give feedback on what promotions they liked and which ones were “LAME”.

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  1. Today’s society is so different than in the past. It is hard to imagine not having today’s technology to interact with each other. I like how you say we are in relationships with people through social media but also the fact that the different sites are all intertwined together through social media as well. With all of the twitter, facebook, google plus, and pintrest buttons everywhere, it is easy for all of the different apps and websites to intertwine. More and more parts of our lives are connecting through the internet, and I don’t remember where I heard this, but someday we will all be constantly connected through the internet (just as some of us already are).

  2. There is a very real fear that while Facebook (and indeed, social media in general) is a fantastic tool for allowing for connectivity and continued contact between people where it might not otherwise be possible, it is also replacing face to face interaction and creating a society of isolated loners more at home in front of their computer screens than with each other. Look at all those Christmas photos of the family sitting around together on the couch, each absorbed in a cell phone, tablet or other device. Or the next time you walk into a coffee shop, take a look at how many Mac Books are out at each table vs couples sitting and talking. I’m not saying it’s all gloom and doom, but as with most things, we have to temper our love of new technology with a dash of common sense.

  3. I think it is creepy that businesses ask if we want to use Facebook to sign into and account. It feels very Orwellian to me that all these businesses are in my face, letting me know that they already know about me, or think they do. To me that is not relationship building it is an invasion of my privacy. I never sign in with my Facebook account when asked. I use Facebook to talk to people where I otherwise could not or would not.speak to them. I quit posting and putting things on my wall. It is just a vehicle for me to go somewhere else on Facebook because some people are in better reach that way–they are posting all the time..

  4. I do agree with the idea that “liking” a persons status is considered social interaction. I feel that “likes” can boost ones self esteem, a possible reason why some people constantly post things on social media networks through out the day. The same can be said for companies who advertise a specific product. It lets them know that people are enjoying and happy with their product.

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