Facebook is a Gold Mine for Advertising

By Megan Beck

The key to advertising for any company is to find the right target audience. The more specific the better. So how do we make sure our advertisements are targeting the right audience? Social media is one of best and most new ways for selecting your target audience.

If your company has a social media site such as Facebook you will have a huge advantage.Facebook for business has it perfectly set up for you and they make it so easy. All you have to do is follow the steps and they will help you set up your page, pick your target audience, advertise, and then show you a review so you can adjust your advertisements. When people search for you on Facebook they will be able to find you and actually interact one-on-one with you. This gives you the ability to listen directly to your customers and make sure you’re products are meeting their needs and if they are not you can  address the concern and fix it right away. Facebook also helps you contact large groups of people with needs and interests similar to yours or your company. Once you see what your audience likes you can specifically tailor your advertisements to that audience.

Inviting friends and sharing your page can really help your company or business as well. Make sure people know you’re there. The famous “like” button on Facebook works great for finding your target audience because when you “like” something on Facebook it shows the company that you like them or a certain product and it also shows up on the customer’s Facebook timeline and news feed so friends of theirs can also see that they liked that particular company. If you have people who have never heard of your company or business and they see it on a friends timeline and it interest them, Bam, you could have another customer; that fast. Social media is where people tell the world about themselves so it is a gold mine for companies who want to know more about their audience. When people like your page you can look at their profile and learn more about them, giving you the ability to literally tailor an advertisement to any individual. This has really changed advertising and if you’re not up with all the social media you are going to fall behind, fast.

For more information about Ads on Facebook you can visit Facebook/Ads!! 

Photo courtesy of Samuel Adams


  1. I like that companies can view their audience and tailor to all their needs, but I’m wondering just how many people click on the advertisements on Facebook. Personally, I don’t even notice them when I am online but with so many people engaged in Facebook, I’m sure some people actually do click on the ads. Although most ads are annoying unless they really nail it, i understand the need to make profit from anything. Good job Facebook for expanding and being the powerhouse of social media.

  2. Target audiences are everything when it comes to social media and marketing. Thanks for the link for Facebook Ads because it is helpful to know how they work!

  3. It really is incredible how social media enables you to target very specific, niche audiences. Not only that, it also allows you to monitor current conversations about your company, product, or idea and engage in meaningful and productive conversations. Before social media, there was a much heavier emphasis on “mass advertising,” but now there is a whole new world of connecting and building actual relationships online. In my public relations class, we are currently creating a PR campaign for a new product we are “inventing.” Social media is one of the biggest aspects of our campaign. It’s the main way that we are going to first introduce the product, advertise it, invite people to our main launch event, and “listen” for opinions and feedback.

    Here’s a great article I found that gives tips on how to find and target your specific audience on social media. http://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2013/09/25/target-audience-social-media/ It suggests that Facebook should be the starting point for all businesses looking to create a name for themselves on social media.

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