Moving to visual communication online

By Sage Lynn

Brands need to take note, visual communication is the future and it fits with how we are using social media to share content. Videos make it easy for any brand to share their stories. These stories can range anywhere from a beginnings story to how something has changed or how they are improving a product. And according to a study of the top 10 brands on Facebook, videos are 12 times more likely to get shared than any other post. This translates into word of mouth exposure online by shares and likes by people who are promoting your brand without you forcing them to see it. They want to see it. That’s the one part that make this the most important. They are sharing the videos and pictures because they want to see it and have their friends and family enjoy it as well.


This article by Stephanie Buck from discusses the move towards a more visual communications marketing strategy rather than just talking to the consumers. She even uses her own method by enforcing the concept with an infograph. It touches on how apps like Instagram and Tumblr are growing much faster than Facebook.

Brands have to start looking at how they can do more with the idea of showing their consumers a story and not telling it to them. This concept it not a new one. Chuck Longanecker suggests taking suggestions from apps like Pinterest and Flipboard. He also mentions that the “less is more” idea is showing up more often as a trend. Here is the rest of the article about the beautification of the web.

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Infograph courtesy of Media Bistro


  1. Great post, Sage! Videos are such a huge part of social media storytelling. I would much rather watch a video than read a story or look at a chart because videos incorporate so many different elements within them. This Forbes article, shares why people are often more attracted to video and why it is vital for a company that wants to market and build a strong presence on social media.

    I also really enjoyed the illustration you shared! Out of those categories, I think I fall mostly under “selectives” and “connectors.” Although, I’ll admit, there has been a time or two where I’ve shared something that might put me under the “boomerang” category. I try to stay away from using social media in that way though. I also think I use a combination of all of the motives under the five reasons that people share that are listed in the illustration. There isn’t one specific reason that I share things. I enjoyed reading your post!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. It gives you an insight of what type of person you are in the social media world. I personally use tumbler and instagram than facebook. I no longer have a facebook account, I find it to be too personal and I really don’t like that. I am more of a private person and I never really posted much on facebook or wanted to read my feed on other peoples lives. In other words it disinterested me.

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