The Development Trend of Brand

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By Yujie Zai

Every time, when we want to buy a stuff, for example—a camera, we will compare several different camera brands. We will compare some basic factors of those brands, such as functions, appearances, and prices. And we may ask some other people’s advice. There is not doubt that sometimes other people’s suggestions and impressions of a product or a brand will influence your decision.

Another example, everyone may have the experiences of online shopping. Except you buy a familiar product or regular use product, you may check the Customer Reviews before you make a decision. If the user evaluations are not very well, you may give up buying this product.

Thus, the image of a brand and the brand’s products is very important.

customer-reviews-salesI read a New Yorker article entitled “Twilight of the Brands” written by James Surowiecki. Surowiecki points that with the development of online shopping and social media, customers can get the information of a product more easily. It is undeniable that this is an obvious truth. As far as I kwon, there have a lot of bloggers or twitters specialized write and post the product reviews and product comparisons, they recommend some good products. As a result, most people are not a certain brand’s loyal fans. According to this article, a research

For this reason, all kind of brands need to build their own brand story, brand personality, brand value, and a wonderful brand service in order to increase the competitive force and win customers in contemporary society. Nowadays, with the rapid development of social media, this is an unstoppable trend. Brands need rely on many new ideas to attract customers.shows that only twenty-five per cent of respondents said that brand loyalty affected how they shopped.

Related to our class, if want to consolidate relationship with consumers, a brand team must know that what makes a brand worth sharing. I selected these worth sharing factors from the article, hope its can be helpful:

  • Brevity – no surprises, given that 140 characters amounts to communications’ fast food. Made to snack quickly and often.
  • Attention grabbing – the communication itself talks to something the reader is already    interested in
  • Inviting opinion – the best messages encourage interactivity. That makes them ‘socially useful’
  • Humanity – messages that feel personal and that share experiences and reflections are shared by people who feel the same way or have experienced the same or similar feelings.
  • Positivity – everyone loves good news
  • Useful – people want to pass on information that helps others for all sorts of reasons – not the least of which is that it raises the estimation of them with their peer group
  • Saving money – people want to see others benefit.
  • Relevance – references to what’s happening “today” have an immediacy and a currency that suits this tweet today, gone tomorrow medium
  • Narrative – we all love stories for their truths, their drama and their ending.


  1. Great blog! Brands and brand images mean everything. They are the success and failure of a company. I value certain brands over others based on my education of the product. It was important to learn from this article how to market your brand through social media successfully.

  2. I unfortunately cannot say that I always check the reviews on something before I purchase it. However, after reading your post and seeing the importance of “checking things out through what I learned from your post as well as what we learn in class I definitely will be doing this more often. Speaking of this, I have seen that it is very helpful for businesses to have review/ comment tabs on their social media platforms as well as other links to areas for these off of their “home” websites. These businesses say they gain from hearing these comments and if I owned my own business or was wanting to start my own business I could see this being very beneficial.

  3. Set your brand however you like, but your focus as a company should be on a quality product first, and THEN branding.

    I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check the reviews on a product before a purchase. From cars and guitars, to little things like phone cables and SD cards. But how do I FIND the product whose reviews I then peruse?

    Google, of course. But when Google proves to be too generic, I turn to Social Media ads and posts. For example, a friend posted about the Hutzler banana slicer. So I went to Amazon to look at the reviews. I highly recommend you do the same. I didn’t end up purchasing the item, however I WAS rewarded with twenty minutes worth of hilarity.

    For a more realistic example… I used my own knowledge of guitars to narrow down the list for my next musical purchase. Once I had a couple BRANDS chosen, I took to Amazon and other sites that sell and host reviews for instruments. Based on my pricerange, narrowing down of brands, and the reviews, I was able to find 3 guitars that I was interested in. I went to a music store and played thoSet your brand however you like, but your focus as a company should be on a quality product first, and THEN branding.

  4. I almost always check the ratings (well, depending what it is… A Camera or Guitar, absolutely. A movie or video game… Not so much. But I am also a brand loyalist. I find products and companies I like and tend to stick with them, either because their products are good, or their customer service is good. Recently I did some traveling, and got royally screwed over by Hertz rent a car. Now Hertz is the “preferred” rental car company of the hotel I was staying at, the airline I flew on, the con I attended, etc… Everybody uses Hertz because they are the biggest and “best”. But Hertz left me stranded at an airport that was closing down at ten o’clock at night with no car in LA! I had to pay for a taxi (lucky to find one that time of night in that area) to my hotel and walk to another rental car company to get a vehicle the next day. I made a reservation with Alamo, then went to pick up my car.

    The gentleman who helped me filled out all the paperwork, walked me out on the lot to my car and then explained, “Oh, by the way, reservations goofed and reserved your car at another lot. But I wasn’t going to make you go anywhere else. Turns out we don’t have the car you reserved, so I gave you a free upgrade to this one. Have a nice day.” And he did all that WITHOUT knowing about my horrible Hertz experience.

    Friends, Alamo just earned a customer for life, and it didn’t take an ad, a brand identity, or even a good rating. Just an employee who went out of his way to provide good customer service.

    1. I say that customer reviews are my best friend! I look at reviews for everything. The company can hype up their product and say great things. But, you can’t really tell how good it is unless you hear it from another person. The customer reviews can tell you problems that they’ve had and things you can do to avoid them. They can also help you narrow down which company may be the best for different people. These people have no reason to lie, they simply want to help others and give feedback. This is why this is the most honest source of review information that you can get.

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