Growing Business Through Social Media by Brittany


Working for Ichabod Shop has given me great insight as to how businesses can use social media to grow. When I started at Ichabod Shop, there was no Social Media Assistant. The Ichabod Shop Facebook page posted about once a week, if that, and had less than 500 likes. Then we I came we changed a lot. I have learned a list of helpful tools that I am going to share:

1: People like pictures. Posting just plain text does not get nearly as much views or likes as much as posting a picture. Even better put a picture of a person. When we put pictures of students on the page, the post blows up because it gets spread amongst the community. It also brings outsiders to our page and gives us more likes.

2: People love to save money. If you post something about coupons, discounts, or sales; you will get attention and people will even share the post. Best of all, it brings them into the store. If you send people a coupon for something with a decent discount they are very likely to buy it, even if they would’ve never considered it without the discount.

3:People respond better to a relaxed approach. There is a significant difference in the attention posts get, just depending on who writes them. The majority of Ichabod Shop’s audience is about 20-30. Therefore when my bos, who is about 60 was writing posts they didn’t get a lot of attention because the way the posts were written didn’t relate to the audience. When I write posts, I honestly don’t put a lot of thought into it. I simply type what I want to say, how I would say it, and then I post it.

4: Less is more. The more text there is, the less people are going to want to read it. Also, when it comes to promoting posts, you can’t promote a post that has too much text. Facebook literally won’t let you. Nowadays, research shows that people determine if they want to read something in the first three seconds. So put the important information first.


I have attached a link to the Ichabod Shop facebook page so everyone can see the progression and give feedback. I have also added one of our recent pictures that received a lot of attention. Notice, there’s nothing extra special about it, but it included a lot of people and had the general theme of St. Patrick’s day and got a lot of attention.!/Ichabodshop



  1. I have noticed that the Bookstore’s Facebook page has caught my eye this past year. One of my favorite things you do is talk about the secret deals the store is having that is limited only because it makes me want to go in and buy the featured item while the sale lasts. I liked how you talked about the theme of St. Patty’s day because I actually really enjoy when business keep up with things like this because as you said, it is an attention getter.

  2. Good Job! I love your post! I like how you numbered out things that people like that help your business. They’re all very simple things but most of the time they get over looked or forgotten about. The world has definitely changed over the years in how businesses have to promote themselves so its very important to stay on top of things and always be looking for the new way to sell.

  3. Good post. I do agree that visuals do get more attention drawn to your page, and people really don’t like to read a post that is too long.

  4. Great Tips! I especially liked the part you suggested about “less is more”. This is very true, I think sometimes when people are looking for information about a company or product they want SIMPLE information. If too much information is given or too many details about a product it can sometimes confuse the customer. Thanks for the insight! Great job on growing social media for this company!

    1. Cindyrose2014. Great post Brittany. I like to hope that your 50 year old boss just didn’t have any experience . Like maybe needs some classes like mm393j. I’m in her age bracket–actually a bit older and I want to be relevant and competitive in the job market. I don’t want to be held back by someone’s impression of my age getting in the way.

      1. I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to be relative to his age. Mainly just how he works with social media, in the sense of like 50 years ago.

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