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Ways to Promote Your Brand through Social Media


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Ways to Promote Your Brand through Social Media

By: Taylor Inman

When thinking about this question myself I decided to look online for an article that could suggest some helpful tips on different ways to promote a brand whether personal, professional or as a multimedia student. The way you choose to promote your brand can be very effective in gaining business. By gaining some insight on “what works and what doesn’t” you can change the image of your brand for the better.

An article that I found that gives some helpful tips on this subject is titled: How Artists Can Use Social Media to Discover and Promote Their Voice by Carlota Zimmerman, which can be accessed HERE. The article gives very helpful tips on things you should do to promote yourself on social media platforms even though it can be scary at times or seem “out of your comfort zone.” One example of this Zimmerman gives, is an example of how creating something as simple as a Facebook page and linking it to your other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest can completely change the image of your brand. “Nowadays, if you’re not taking advantage of the myriad of opportunities available to you on social media to discover and promote your brand or voice, and in so doing, generate more resources, you’re only sabotaging your own goals,” said Zimmerman. I thought this was a very interesting statement, because when I really thought about this it is very true. If you do not choose to create an image for your brand in promoting yourself others out there will promote your brand for you and sometimes do so in the most negative light possible.


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Some of the tips that Zimmerman suggested in this article to help get started on promoting your brand are:

1)      Present as the professional you are.

2)      Use social media to show your talent, instead of just talking about it.

3)      Use social media to develop and discover your talent.

4)      Use social media to present as the artist you wish to become.

5)      Understand that different platforms reach different audiences.

6)      Numbers don’t matter but content is king.

I found all of these tips very helpful and some I found insightful because I had never thought of them before. I think that all of these tips can be helpful for any brand that a person is trying to promote. I feel that they best way to end this post is with another quote from Zimmerman that really makes you think about what was said in her article, “So. I’m curious: what are you waiting for?”