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The best platform for your brand.

By Olivia Marshall

 No matter what brand you are trying to promote, there is a specific demographic you are attempting to reach. Social media is a fantastic way to reach those targeted audiences, but you need to use the correct platform in order to do so. Find out which major social media sites contain your targeted audiences, here.

It may seem in the best interest of the company to go ahead and get all of the mainstream social media accounts set up and get out there in every way possible, but now companies are discovering that there are certain sites that work better than others when promoting their brand.

Eat24, a website that finds all food delivery restaurants in a given area, began to notice that their Facebook page wasn’t the most relevant platform to use for their business. A Facebook page isn’t the best channel for a brand that is very close to its followers, because the filter bubble will almost always guarantee missed posts to the audience, along with many unwanted ads.

Eat24 decided they needed to “break up” with Facebook through a letter, which they share in this blog. The letter talked about the troubles of the ever-changing Facebook algorithm that decides who sees what posts, and what ads are shown on the sidebars to those who “like” a certain page.

Not to say Facebook isn’t a great social media platform; it gives audiences ample opportunities to interact and get engaged with brands, but it is not always the relationship a brand wants with its customers.

Luckily, there are plenty of other platforms to choose from, with new ones being started up on the daily.

Focusing on quantity over quality applies to social media. If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, a platform like Facebook or Twitter might be the right way to go. For companies looking to engage customers in new ways and increase brand exposure, another platform may be the better choice.

Brands that produce a lot of visual content may prefer to use platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, sites made to present more visual content to subscribed followers. If you follow a company on Instagram, no filter bubble will be hiding posts from you, and what you follow is what you’ll get in your feed.

It is important to remember that no brand is expected to have a presence on every social media outlet. The idea of focusing on three platforms is mentioned in an article from Entrepreneur. Only have as many accounts as you can manage, because social media is only effective if the account is active. Find the platforms best for your brand, and be sure to stay involved in the ones you decide to use.

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